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Mission Statement & Goal

Our mission is to help kids understand the stock market so they can make educated decision when it comes to investing. We want to give kids an edge in life, as early as possible, so that they don’t have to be stuck in the “rat race”. Investor Kidz wants to change the way kids are growing up today, so that they don’t have to work so hard for their money tomorrow.

Investor Kidz Teaches Kids

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Here’s what parents are
saying about Investor Kids

This educational program is engaging with clear information on the ABCs of the stock market. I’ve been wanting to find a platform that could tech my son (10) financial literally, especially when it comes to investing and saving money.

From The Creators

Serious Interview Part 5-What Is Investor Kidz To You?

Investor Kidz creator Dulcinea Lee Hellings and her partner Frank Sanchez Jr talk about the educational series. In this segment, they talk about what Investor Kidz is to them and how they see the series impacting children.

More About The Lessons

Investor Kidz Serious Interview Part 4-What
Will Kids Learn In The Lessons?

In this video we talk about the structure, layout, and basics
of the Lessons for the Kids.

More About The Process

Investor Kidz Serious Interview Part 1-
What Do The Parents Need to Do?

Here we give parents and guardians get a sneak peek at the small role they'll need to play in assisting with the program.

More About The Curriculum

Investor Kidz Serious Interview Part 3-What Is The Curriculum Like?

In this video, we give a look inside the
topics discussed during the lessons for the kids.

More About The Fun

We had such a great time creating Investor Kidz. We are positive that your children are going to enjoy the program as much also.