How Investor Kids Got Started

When the 2020 pandemic hit, most of us were forced to stay home for an extended period of time. And a lot of us were trying to find things to do. Well, that was no different for Dulcie. With knowledge in her pocket, she began trading more and trying different strategies like options and shorting. In her circle of trust, she became known as the “stock girl”. One person who noticed in particular was Dulcie’s sister, Andrea. Her sister wanted her kids to learn how to be financially free like Aunt Dulcie. Since the kids had no school at the time, Andrea suggested they start doing a weekly Kids Stock Trading class over Zoom to get the kids rolling...and Investor Kidz was born.

What Is Investor Kidz ?

Investor Kidz is a series of educational videos that teaches kids about the stock market and how to invest in it. Kids not only learn about stocks and investing, but also about how the world economy functions, how life and global events impact the economy, the concept of interest versus saving, and a little bit of culture mixed in.

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Dulcinea has always been a thriving and creative entrepreneur. Starting in the early 2000s, she used her passion for exercise and her degree in Marketing from Penn State to build several lucrative fitness companies: Morning Crunch Boot Camp with 12 locations in the LA area, Real Hollywood Trainer Online Workout Show, and The Happy Baby Workout DVD.

At the height of her success in 2013, she started to become frustrated after noticing that all of the profits she had accumulated were gaining almost zero interest sitting in her savings account. Her beau at the time was a wealthy Canadian businessman who liked to trade stocks. Every day they were together, he would check the market, do some trading, and teach her how to start investing on her own. After consulting with a financial advisor friend from college, she decided to take the plunge and bought 50 shares of two different stocks.

As she watched the stocks grow over the next few months, and saw her money rise by 25%, she was convinced she had found the secret path to a life on easy street. In typical Dulcinea fashion, she decided to get educated on finance and how the market really works.

She read books, attended 3-day professional seminars, adult evening community classes and whatever else she could do to become a confident and savvy investor.

Given that Dulcie’s niece and nephew doubled their money in a few short months of attending the classes, the demand for her services skyrocketed. She has helped numerous adult friends and family learn how to start trading and set up accounts so that their money begins to work for them. Now she is ready to take Investor Kidz public and help children invest in their future.

Frank was born and raised in Orange County, California. He has a Bachelor’s degree in E-Business Management from Westwood College of Technology. Frank Sanchez (born Fausto Sanchez Jr) started his professional career as a website administrator at a small company in the identification and security industries. He was with this company for over 12 years, and held positions in Information Systems, Sales, Management and evenPartner.

After living in California for 34 years, Frank wanted to venture out and start his own ID Badge business, so he moved to Arizona in 2018. He joined a few networking groups to get his name out, and that’s where he met Dulcie. Frank and Dulcie kept in touch over the years and, of course, started working on Investor Kidztogether in 2020.

Frank, a father of two, has a passion for helping people, especially kids. He likes to volunteer and contribute to his community. Frank loves to coach little league baseball, donate to local charities and do random acts of kindness. So naturally, being a part of Investor Kidz was a great opportunity for him to continue with his passion.

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