Platforms to Trade On

When you are ready to pick a trading platform, make sure to check their terms of use, types of trading you can do, and any fees they charge before signing up. Below is a list of platforms we are aware of. You may pick one of these or any other one that you choose. The choice is totally up to you and what suits your trading needs.

1. BusyKid App This one lets you trade for free through Stock Pile, which usually has a lot fees, but not if you use the Busy Kid App, which does have a charge to download.

2. Robinhood

3. ETrade

4. Charles Schwab

5. Webull

6. TD Ameritrade

There are many other platforms out there as well, again what you choose should depend on your trading goals. Make sure you are confident with learning before you open an account and start trading. Have your parent or guardian help you get set up.

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