Terms Of Service Agreement

I acknowledge and agree that it is impossible for Investor Kidz, LLC to control access by any child or student to all potentially harmful information or materials available on the Internet. It is likewise impossible for Investor Kidz, LLC to limit disclosure of information that may be provided by a child or student to websites or publications and the larger internet community. I further acknowledge and agree that I am solely responsible for all actions and activities taken by any child or student that uses or accesses any account that I create for them. As a parent or legal guardian of my child or student, I will not hold Investor Kids, LLC responsible for materials acquired, contact made, or for any disclosure of information on the internet made by or reasonably related to my child or student. I accept full responsibility for supervision of my child or student while using the Investor Kidz, LLC website. By creating an account at the Investor Kidz website, I hereby give my consent for my child or student to access and utilize the Investor Kidz website and related services.